movA Workshop 2020

4. - 6. March 2020, Mainz, Germany

Organized by David Rittershaus and the motionbank team. Hosted in the LUX pavillion of the Hochschule Mainz.

The 2020 workshop was a meeting of a group of researchers and artists collaborating on the topic of movement analysis/interpretation using technological and conceptual approaches. Annotation and structuring research were the central topics.

Participants (alphabetical by first names):

  • Anton Koch, motionbank
  • Benjamin Matuzewski, IRCAM
  • Bertha Bermúdez
  • Daniel Bisig, ICST
  • David Rittershaus, motionbank
  • Florian Jennet, motionbank
  • Frédéric Bevilacqua, IRCAM
  • Jan Schacher, ICST
  • Lise-Amy Hansen, AHO
  • Scott deLahunta, motionbank

Collected key-statements after three days of exchange:

From the notes of Scott deLahunta and Jan Schacher, arranged in a juxtaposed and grouped mind-map fashion.

→ Download pdfs: juxtaposed and map

Performance: Annotation of a musical performance, as exercise and basis for discussion: Jasch performing with objects and sounds (20200304).

→ See annotations in a motionbank Mosys-grid, structured with key-words (by Florian Jennet): here